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4 Key Tasks/NWO
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  4 Key Tasks for the Mankind to Solve in Order to Establish the New World Order (NWO)

1/ Scrap all man-driven cars or export them to Africa. Use autonomous cars instead. Turning a man-driven car into an autonomous one is ok ;)

Don't use motorcycles.

2/ Build all houses and properties using robots (except for those which are already under construction).

3/ Stop producing papers and paper products. Use e-books instead.

4/ Unite efforts to build and launch the LISA project -,,

Gravitational waves are perturbations of the very spacetime. They carry information about very wild processes which happen in the universe. On Earth, we are able to detect gravitational waves which are generated by collision of black holes or neutron stars. LISA is a project consisting of a space interferometer which consists of three probes, which measure distance with each other. Each probe carries a test mass which shades from outer influences. So, if the test mass moves, therefore it detects a passing gravitational wave. Thanks to high sensitivity of LISA, we will be able to detect gravitational waves which appeared during the very big bank when the very spacetime was created.

This will ensure a better mankind within just a few years.

To be done by the end of 2019.

¡Don't take this as a joke!