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  About the Antichrist

The Antichrist, which means me, Zdenek Schee junior, is first of all a person who is supposed to protect people from bad and harmful aliens‘ actions. He is the only person on this planet capable of calming aliens’ actions down (such as reducing the number of inhabitants of our planet) and possibly also averting world war three.

The Antichrist is also a key person in establishing the New World Order which should most likely occur after 2019. The Antichrist is not a negative but a positive person and the best explication of the word Antichrist is “instead of Christ”. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that the Antichrist in some cases handles telepathy, hypnosis in hypnosis, communicates with aliens and is hypnotized by free masons and Illuminati each night so that mankind doesn’t miss key information.

Better education of our children using math and programming keyboards is one of crucial tasks set by the Antichrist. Correct interpretation and understanding of the Antichrist’s work is a key to better understanding of as successful future as possible which should be co-created by all people.

The Antichrist, Zdeněk Schee, needs money for his research and for establishing the Z CORP company which will focus on improving the way we understand mathematics, physics, genetics etc. Z CORP will unite the best scienticst to achieve the best possible results of research.

The Antichrist plans to earn a lot of money by advertising and lottery surrounding his reality show and by his book and a movie yet to be shot.

  • It is impossible to kill Antichrist
  • Taylor Swift is the Antichrist's female alike
  • Antichrist lives in Obristvi in Prague suburbs
  • Antichrist's phone number is +420 739 015 987, his email is
  • Antichrist is aware of the fact that he lives in a sandbox created by people
  • Antichrist confirms his thoughts with an English phrase "Antichrist Word"
  • Antichrist is diagnosed with psychosis


  • Antichrist is of Arian-Jewish origin and is not circumcised

  • Antichrist's wife is Anna Polonskaya
  • Antichrist is the author of the quotation and book "Heaven = Alternative Sandbox"
  • Antichrist is the author of the document Ázkoník Árce
  • Antichrist arose from ash (radioactive ash after the Chernobyl incident)
  • Antichrist is the only freemason and freemason 2.0 of 34th level
  • Antichrist is the king of the illuminati
  • Antichrist so far does not attent freemasonic and Illuminati meetings
  • Thanks to "switcher" the Antichrist is able to telepathically communicate with people, Aliens, and living and inanimate nature
  • According to the Antichrist terms such as God, Satan or Creator are outdated
  • In traditional concept, Antichrist's thoughts are equally influenced by God and Satan
  • Satan influences events on Earth in more positive way than God, because he intervenes to a higher extent
  • Antichrist has a sense for humour
  • Antichrist knows about You